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Everything you need to know about moonstone. All this information Read everything about origin, sizes, shapes, qualities and price information.

Kalsi3O8 is chemical formula for this stone with monoclinic crystal structure, 6-6.5 hardness on Mohs scale and 1.1518 to 1.526 RI.

Why you should choose us? What we are manufacturing?

AARADHYA GEMSTONE JAIPUR direct supply of these Moonstones from the source, where the mining takes place.
Avalable in :  
<li>Moonstone Beads</li>
<li> Moonstone Briolettes</li>
<li>Moonstone Cabochons</li>
<li> Moonstone Single Stones</li>

Moonstone can come in many sizes and shapes like most other stones. This easily available stone is amongst the favorite of Jewellers' list because of this reason. It is available in calibration in huge quantities and as Free size too! The free size moonstones are used mostly in One-stone-Pendants, which are non-replaceable as each one has a unique size and the calibration sizes (Rounds, Pears, etc) are used most in Bracelets and Earrings.

What are the other names of this gem? What are the reasons behind the fascinating blue sheen?

Many times our customers who are curious to know about gems, ask us about adularescence and scientific reason behind it. This blue light is caused by interference, diffraction and diffusion phenomenon of light by very less concentrations within the stone. On black background blue sheen appears at its best. A complete transparent big size over 15 carats piece with blue sheen all over the stone is very rare and high in prices.

Moonstone Cabochons and Beads -

We specialize in moonstone cabochons from 2mm to 25mm calibration and free size, normal to good quality in all colors. We source blue moonstone rough from Sri Lanka and India and cut it in our factories in India and Thailand. We keep regular order sizes in stock like 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm rounds, 6×4, 7×5, 8×6 and 10×8 ovals although we make also on order and take one week to complete the production

Moonstone of different colors and varieties –

Blue and rainbow moonstone – This type is different from all other opaque moonstones; this comes with transparent to translucent quality. Most of silver jewelry manufacturers use medium quality material with medium clouds and blue sheen because it comes in low and affordable price range.

Grey, Orange, Camel, white, off white, pale yellow and other colors In this we also have calibrated rounds, ovals, squares and others and free size big pieces also. It starts with 0.40$ per carat and next price depends on sizes and quantities you buy. In these stone prices remains same for all colors except blue and rainbow moonsotne. If you need micro setting gems then we also produce that in large quantities.

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