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Aquamarine is light sky blue to dark sea blue color stone with 7.5-8 hardness on Mohs scale which is a symbol of sympathy, faith and friendship. Aquamarine is a Latin word which means "water of a sea", comes under beryl family and made of iron and other chemicals which is responsible for its blue color. This chromium-rich gemstone is official birthstone for 'March'. Aquamarine and emerald both are beryllium and contains aluminum and silicate mineral but very different as price and market point of view. Iron impurities are reason of aquamarine, both emerald and aquamarine shares many properties (same RI and specific gravity) but clarity and transparency level is quite different.

Aquamarine qualities, color and shapes -

Quality parameters in aquamarine gemstones are different from other gems. Color plays an important role in this, as it comes in pale blue (almost white) to sea blue color Top quality Aquamarine comes from Brazil (Santa Maria de labara mine) and which is very high in prices.
We are a manufacturer with our own factory producing allot of Aquamarine on a daily basis. Most of our customers for Aquamarine gems come from Uk and the United States. This Semi precious gemstone is a ordinary gemstone and can look extremely unique and wonderful when put into jewellery.

Shapes: Aquamarine is found in all shapes.
Sizes: Found in all the general sizes is Aquamarine
Cuttings: If there is anything special you want, let us know!
Prices for Aquamarine: Normal sizes can vary from 1 US $ – 50$. However, sizes and quality may change the price significantly.

Why Aquamarine cabochons and faceted stones are high in demand?
100% Genuine Gemstone – Aquamarine is completely natural stone, not even heated so this makes it different from others and other hand if we talk about any other stones of same color then all are treated or heated to enhance the color.

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