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  • Chalcedony Beads

  • Chalcedony Briolettes

  • Chalcedony Cabochons

  • Chalcedony Facetes

  • Chalcedony Single Stones


Color, cut, clarity and origins of chalcedony-
Volcanic environments and sedimentary rocks are where chalcedony is found. Uruguay, India, Madagascar, Burma, Brazil and South Africa are main origins for different types of chalcedony. As mentioned above that chalcedony comes in different colors and called by different names in market so basically different types of chalcedony found in different country.

Chalcedony Color -
Worldwide chalcedony color is purplish blue which comes in light to vivid color. Price depends on clarity and color. More vivid and vibrant color is higher in price and if color is lighter then it will be lower in prices. To get a very good color in big sizes is very difficult. Chalcedony is translucent to opaque stone and translucent is the most pleasing. It gives nice luster when cut and polished. Cabochons, beads, carvings, faceted, flowers and other designs are being used in this stone. Oval, round, trillion, heart and cushion are the most famous shapes in this stone.

Conclusion – An ideal chalcedony is nice purplish blue colored with nice translucency and luster.

We have been manufacturing different cuttings and qualities in this stone. If you are a jewelry designer, user, reseller, jewelry manufacturing company then just send us your requirements by email and we will reply you back within few hours. If you are looking for 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm or any customized sizes, shapes then we are here to complete your needs.

Contact us for natural blue chalcedony –
Want a gemstones supplier for nature blue chalcedony in different shapes, sizes and colors? Send us your requirements and we will reply you back within few working hours. Please mention your requirements in detail – Sizes, Shapes, Quality and Quantities, it will make our conversation faster. We are also available on instant chats for faster communication.

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