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Garnet is one of the favorite Semi precious gemstone out of all for Aaradhya gemstone jaipur many reasons why.

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  • Garnet Beads

  • Garnet Cabochons

  • Garnet Facetess

About us

We are Aaradhya gemstone jaipur, a Indian company with our headquarters in INDIA which is the biggest hub of quality.Our company is a specialist in providing Garnet gemstones to wholesale customers, Local Jewellers, and retailers in their own countries.

Understanding the different types of wholesale Garnet loose gemstones in the market today

1)The first type of Garnet and the most common one in terms of scale of production and quantity is Indian Hyderabadi Garnet.

As the name suggests, it is originated from India (Hyderabadi is the state), and that's where all this Red Indian garnet comes from. This is the reason we produce all our Hyderabadi garnet from India due to location. The prices of Indian Orissa garnet for example for 6×4 Ovals would be 0.30$-0.40$ per carat for a wholesale quantity

2) The second type of Garnet in the market most commonly available in terms of availability and price is: Hyderabadi Indian garnet.

3) The third most common Garnet is Mozambique Garnet semi precious gemstones.

An Oval 6×4 in Mozambique garnet at a wholesale price would be 0.50$ for good top shade. Almost double that of other gemstones.

4) The type of Garnet that comes in the last few most common ones are: Hessonite Garnet.

Hessonite garnet cabochons are the most famous for its Orange color, but infect because of that it doesn't enjoy the liberty to high prices.

The importance of Garnet in the Gems and Jewellery industry.

There is barely any gemstone that comes in the between Garnet's ways, it is a gemstone they say that has no competition. At that price range, at that price, what can you get that gives out the best color in today's market which is red, undoubtedly because of it being the "color of our heart". Red is the color ladies love to wear, and the men love to gift to the lady of their dreams The supply and demands (Economics) behind Garnet.

We have reached many conclusions in this article about Garnet. Firstly, if you are looking to source Garnet then we can be the right supplier, at least you may give us a try. Secondly, there are lots of things to learn about this Gemstone which is very broad in terms of qualities, price, colors, shades, origins of the different Garnets available in today's market. Lastly, garnet is a gemstone that is consumed almost in all the major countries and thus moving the demand to a different scale or playing around with the economies behind it isn't that easy but countries like USA and Russia have showed their power


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