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Lapiz Lazuli

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A gift of mother earth, dark blue colored stone with golden flakes is perfect definition of Lapis. This is a Latin word which stands for "blue stone". Use of this stone in jewelry, decoration, art and healing is not new; Egyptians artist used it in their art on walls long time ago. Turquoise is meant to be a best combination with this stone in jewelry.

Why you should us choose as your supplier of lapis cabochons, beads and other cuttings –

We import it directly from the source and finish it in our own manufacturing units in India. Contact us at if you are looking for a supplier of Lapis Lazuli at wholesale prices and let us know about your requirement. We will reply you back within 12 hrs.

If you buy Lapis Lazuli from us, then you can save 30-50% of your money because we sell them at the lowest price in the market. Aaradhya gemstone jaipur is one of the biggest manufacturers and suppliers of Lapis Lazuli. Lapis Lazuli is an attractive blue color gemstone which is generally used in making of jewelry, carvings, boxes, mosaics, ornaments and vases.


If we talk in depth about chemical composition of this ancient gem, it is a combination of calcite, laurite and pyrite minerals and small amount of diopside, feldspar and mica. Amount of calcite, pyrite and other minerals always remain different in different pieces of rough and that percentage decides the quality, for example if any piece of rough has more white calcite and color is pale then it will be low quality one. Complete blue with slight violet tone with no white calcite is said to be the best color of this gem. Sometimes buyer get confuse about visibility of golden pyrites or flecks, is it good or not? Well if golden pyrite comes with white calcite then it diminishes the beauty of gemstone and price for this quality will be lower. In case golden pyrite comes with royal violets blue color (Top quality) then it increases the value of the stone.

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