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About Larimar 

Larimar is a rare form of pectolite, which was discovered in the 1970's and is only found in the Dominican Republic.  It has an extraordinary blue appearance similar to the color of the ocean in tropical areas. Hardness varies between 5-7 on the Mohs scale with the darker blue stones ranging closer to 7.

The name "Larimar" comes from a combination of Larissa and Mar and was given to the stone by a Dominican who named the stone after his daughter Larissa and Mar, the Spanish word for sea.

This unique Caribbean gemstone sometimes may be mistaken for turquoise.

Luster: Vitreous to silky

Transparency: Transparent to translucent

Crystal System: Triclinic

Fracture: Splintery due to the cleavage

Streak: White.

We import it directly from the source and finish it in our own manufacturing units in India. Contact us at if you are looking for a supplier of Larimar at wholesale prices and let us know about your requirement. We will reply you back within working hours.

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