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Pink Amethyst

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 Amethyst gemstones and cabochons' descriptions, quality and color, price overview and astrology here on this page, you can refer it as "Complete guide of  Amethyst gems"
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About Amethyst gems – History and Introduction

Amethyst is one the most popular gemstone in all quartz stones. It is known as birthstone for the February month. It belongs to microcrystalline type of quartz and comes in pink to dark purple color. Iron and Aluminum impurities are responsible for color of this stone. Amethyst is transparent to transparent clarity with nice luster and shine.

Big size Amethyst druses and stones – There is piece of amethyst from brazil weighs more than 200 kgs and available at Washington Museum. In recent times, a find in the USA has been making headlines. A three-meters druse was found in Maine, weighing over 1000 kgs and had amethyst raw material in big quantities:

Buy free size, calibrated rounds, ovals, trillion, pear, cushion, square and other shapes from Aaradhya gemstone jaipur–its natural stone value that appreciates over time. Amethyst comes from two major countries: Africa and Brazil. We are proud in telling the audience that AARADHYA GEMSTONE JAPUR produce types of Amethyst.

African Amethyst and bazillion Cabochons – African and Brazilian Amethyst cabochons –Aaradhya gemstone jaipur specialize in cabochons as well. We have medium to top quality material to make cabochons and also have many pieces in our stock. We have deep color with nice hue (top quality) amethyst cabochons in different sizes. 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm rounds and 6×4, 7×5, 8×6, 10×8 are hot sizes in cabs however we make other sizes as well.

Pink Amethyst (Rose De France) for any inquiries regarding the price, quality or sample orders.

Dark African Amethyst Cabochons

Astrology and belief behind amethyst gems –This gemstone jewelry protects wearer against drinking habit and other intoxications. In ancient times, this stones were used in crowns and wearing of kings and princes. In Greek word 'Amethysts' which stands for 'not intoxicated'..

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